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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiscriminatorydi‧scrim‧in‧a‧to‧ry /dɪˈskrɪmənətəri $ -tɔːri/ adjective  treating a person or a group of people differently from other people, in an unfair way discriminatory hiring practices
Examples from the Corpus
discriminatoryThe trial court found that her demands were not petty or unreasonable, since they involved practices she felt were racially discriminatory.Congress is to launch an inquiry into discriminatory acts by immigration officials.This is in line with immigration laws which have been blatantly sexually discriminatory against black women.The Court of Justice condemned this legislation and held that it was discriminatory and contrary to the right of establishment.Many of these measures were later recognised as discriminatory and overturned.I read message after message spouting racist doctrines, discriminatory diatribes and personal attacks.The government enacted laws to protect women from discriminatory employment practices.a discriminatory hiring policyThe use of discriminatory language can and does disadvantage women and members of ethnic minority groups.Nor do boards have the discretion to reject texts based on racially discriminatory motives.Was there evidence of discriminatory treatment?
From Longman Business Dictionarydiscriminatorydis‧crim‧i‧na‧to‧ry /dɪsˈkrɪmənətəri-nəˌtɔri-/ adjectiveHUMAN RESOURCESLAW treating a person or a group of people differently from other people, in an unfair wayThe courts enacted a series of laws against discriminatory employment practices.the lifting of discriminatory lawsIt’s illegal for federal agencies to fund projects that are racially discriminatory.
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