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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisembodieddis‧em‧bod‧ied /ˌdɪsəmˈbɒdid◂ $ -ˈbɑː-/ adjective  1 RGHOSTexisting without a body or separated from a body disembodied spirits2 CLOW SOUND OR VOICEa disembodied sound or voice comes from someone who cannot be seen
Examples from the Corpus
disembodiedAnd Notes from Underground is precisely such a fable of disembodied consciousness.The snake makes it wriggle so that the apparently disembodied filament appears to be some kind of succulent worm.He suddenly turned his head as though a disembodied finger had tapped his shoulder.D'Arcy punched the intercom button and introduced himself to the disembodied Oriental voice at the other end.Some believe the dead return to earth as disembodied spirits.A disembodied voice, a dead girl's voice.Her own disembodied voice, speaking.An order from a disembodied voice.It came, as so much did for her now, in the cadences of a disembodied voice.
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