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disentangle yourself (from somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisentangle yourself (from somebody/something)disentangle yourself (from somebody/something)ESCAPEto escape from a difficult situation that you are involved in She had just disentangled herself from a long relationship. disentangle
Examples from the Corpus
disentangle yourself (from somebody/something)Night brightened sharply, as if the moon had just disentangled itself from cloud.Jean Alesi is said to be trying to disentangle himself from his 1993 Ferrari contract in order to make himself available to Williams.Blearily, I disentangled myself from Richard and grabbed the phone, checking the clock.One arm disentangled itself from the covers, her fingers curling indolently into the fine cotton of the quilt.Bobbie, still looking dazed, began to disentangle herself from the foliage.And then he disentangled himself from the last uniformed peer and reached Hardin.The first thing the three must do is disentangle themselves from the past.The President was eager to disentangle himself from the scandal.
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