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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisgracefuldis‧grace‧ful /dɪsˈɡreɪsfəl/ ●○○ adjective  BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSbad, embarrassing, or unacceptable It’s a disgraceful waste of taxpayers’ money.absolutely/utterly etc disgraceful Their behaviour was absolutely disgraceful. It is disgraceful that anyone should have to live in such conditions.disgracefully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
disgracefulAs for the Sanctuary for the Fallen, she discovered it was near to disgraceful.This was a disgraceful dereliction of duty.Nor do I think that it is disgraceful if two men of a loving disposition should set up home together.After Wednesday's disgraceful scenes Lennon received a great reception by the travelling Celtic support.Is not that a disgraceful state of affairs?The most disgraceful thing is that the airline has refused to pay money to the families of the crash victims.It's really disgraceful to cut ham like that.absolutely/utterly etc disgracefulHim not present, but others, utterly disgraceful.However, Inspector Morse's behaviour in not locking his car and in drinking heavily before driving is utterly disgraceful.Mr. Janner Is not the increase of 40 percent. absolutely disgraceful?It is absolutely disgraceful that this proposal should be put before us.
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