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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisgruntleddis‧grun‧tled /dɪsˈɡrʌntld/ adjective  SATISFIEDannoyed or disappointed, especially because things have not happened in the way that you wanted a disgruntled client
Examples from the Corpus
disgruntledIt was the second pay cut in two years, and employees were becoming disgruntled.As a consequence, whatever the result the Dominions would be disappointed and disgruntled.It had to be admitted that there was plenty for the voters to be disgruntled about.The general staff is unhappy and the squaddies disgruntled, but no more than that.Not surprisingly, there were many disgruntled drinkers and club-owners.Disgruntled employees are leaving to work for other firms.In any event, a dissatisfied enquirer can be a disgruntled member!After long delays, disgruntled passengers were taken to a nearby hotel.Second, in some industries the employer may fear sabotage from disgruntled redundancy candidates.Next, the draft would make it cheaper for disgruntled shareholders to sue directors for mismanagement.The only affect on the merger plan disgruntled stockholders, if there are any, could have is apparently to demand cash.
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