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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisgusteddis‧gust‧ed /dɪsˈɡʌstɪd, dɪz-/ ●●○ adjective  very annoyed or upset by something that is not acceptable Disgusted onlookers claimed the driver was more concerned about his car than about the victim.disgusted at/by/with Most locals are disgusted by the anti-foreigner violence.disgusted that Animal welfare workers were disgusted that anyone could do this to a puppy.
Examples from the Corpus
disgustedShe looked kind of disgusted and then, like, eased me back into a chair.Many people are disgusted at the continuing slaughter of dolphins.But yesterday Mr and Mrs Lewis said they were disgusted at the situation, which had left them the victims.He ate noisily and greedily. I tried hard not to be disgusted by his manners.a disgusted lookThere were disgusted nods, but little sense of sympathy from either.Disgusted onlookers claimed that the man was more concerned about his car than the victims of the crash.But disgusted onlookers claimed the motorist was more concerned about his X-registered, silver car.More than 200 disgusted parents jammed the auditorium to discuss the new policies.Ann was disgusted when she saw the dirty hotel room.I wasn't even offended; just disgusted with her.Then I feel ashamed, disgusted with myself.I was absolutely disgusted with the way our fans behaved.I was really disgusted with this idiot native Balbindor or whatever his name was.disgusted thatYou would be so shocked and so disgusted that whatever faint chance of your return is left would disappear for ever.
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