Language: Old English
Origin: disc, from Latin discus 'disk, plate'


1 noun
Related topics: Food Dish, Utensils
dish1 S3 [countable]
1DFU a flat container with low sides, for serving food from or cooking food in [↪ bowl]:
a serving dish
an ovenproof dish
dish of
a large dish of spaghetti

the dishes

DFU all the plates, cups, bowls etc that have been used to eat a meal and need to be washed
do/wash the dishes
I'll just do the dishes before we go.
3DFF food cooked or prepared in a particular way as a meal:
a wonderful pasta dish
The menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.
This soup is substantial enough to serve as a main dish (=the biggest part of a meal).
4 something that is shaped like a dish:
a soap dish
5 informal old-fashioned someone who is sexually attractive

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