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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisingenuousdis‧in‧gen‧u‧ous /ˌdɪsənˈdʒenjuəs◂/ adjective formal  DISHONESTnot sincere and slightly dishonest opp ingenuous Keeping the details of the tax changes vague is disingenuous.disingenuously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
disingenuousAnd all he gets are these one-liner and bum steers and cheerful shrugs that may or may not be disingenuous.On the more general point, charges of corruption were disingenuous.This is not to say that those who signed the majority Report were disingenuous.This is the kind of disingenuous hair-splitting that gives politics a bad name.But it was disingenuous of me.It's disingenuous of politicians to blame journalists for leaks that appear in the press.The public events in Washington this past weekend have also had their disingenuous side.Yentob is being slightly disingenuous when demanding parental control.
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