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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisinterestdis‧in‧terest /dɪsˈɪntrɪst/ noun [uncountable]  1 INTERESTEDa lack of interestdisinterest in The exception to Balfour’s disinterest in social issues was education.2 when you are able to judge a situation fairly because you are not involved in it
Examples from the Corpus
disinterestAbstraction and disinterest were prized over concern, or even fitness with the real world.Professional associations would seem to be well placed in terms of expertise and disinterest to carry out this kind of selection.Such inner poise and disinterest are fundamental to every spiritual practice, for without them the richness of awareness is impeded.I wave a fluttery wave of inconsequential cheerfulness and close the door, having reached new heights of cynical disinterest.His refusal to talk to the media is but the latest example of his disinterest in assuming any leadership responsibilities.Certainly, I do not pretend any scholarly disinterest with this book.Despite the increase in incidents of police abuse, the department showed disinterest in prosecuting police officers for brutality.From the beginning, they have echoed their disinterest in matters like chart placings and mass popularity.disinterest inHe's already showing a widespread disinterest in politics.
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