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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisjointeddis‧joint‧ed /dɪsˈdʒɔɪntɪd/ adjective  1 CONFUSEDsomething, especially a speech or piece of writing, that is disjointed has parts that do not seem well connected or are not arranged well disjointed fragments of information2 a disjointed activity or system is one in which the different parts do not work well together Burley was critical of his team’s disjointed performance.
Examples from the Corpus
disjointedDeath from unfamiliar diseases turned the world into a disjointed and meaningless place.It all seemed disjointed and unreal to Donaldson, as if his world had suddenly taken a lurching sideways step.The period saw in most Western countries a series of intermittent and disjointed efforts to remedy this state of affairs.This takes a disjointed groove system to the right of the centre of the crag.The two elements need to be understood as distinct and often disjointed moments of state policy.Rambling, disjointed notes found in Brady's apartment gave no clues as to his disappearance.As soon as the rhythmic motion of the cart began Willie fell into a disjointed sleep.She had a disjointed upbringing with a series of tutors.
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