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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdismayeddis‧mayed /dɪsˈmeɪd/ adjective  worried, disappointed, and upset when something unpleasant happensdismayed to see/discover/learn etc Ruth was dismayed to see how thin he had grown.dismayed at/by They were dismayed at the cost of the repairs.dismayed that We are dismayed that the demonstration was allowed to take place.
Examples from the Corpus
dismayedVincent was irritated but not dismayed.Hardeep's lawyer said his client was 'shocked and dismayed' after hearing the court's decision.The election result has left Green Party members confused, dismayed and dejected.American historians are dismayed at the condition of the texts stored in the library.He is far from dismayed by the prospect of achieving financial independence at a time of a publishing recession.Be realistic from the outset, so that you don't become dismayed by your inability to keep to your own timetable.Successive state elections have seen the governing parties pummelled by a dismayed electorate.Suddenly the cacique's son, who had watched the scene in dismayed silence, lost his temper.Many of the nurses are dismayed that the management intends to make further service reductions.Danby was dismayed that Watt had opposed him in the vote.We were dismayed to discover that our daughter Louise had started experimenting with heroin.However, he felt dismayed when Maidstone effortlessly translated the incident for Franco's benefit.dismayed thatI was very dismayed that I couldn't enjoy swapping ideas with Brian any more without things turning into a do-or-die debate.I am dismayed that the park service is allowing commercial development of the land.Hutchinson mourned this trend, and was dismayed that young girls were attempting to rid themselves of their roundness.
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