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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisorganizeddis‧or‧gan‧ized (also disorganised British English) /dɪsˈɔːɡənaɪzd $ -ˈɔːr-/ ●○○ adjective 🔊 🔊 1 CONFUSEDnot arranged or planned in a clear order, or lacking any kind of plan or system opp well-organized 🔊 The conference was completely disorganized.2 someone who is disorganized is very bad at arranging or planning things opp organized 🔊 He’s an extremely disorganized person. unorganized
Examples from the Corpus
disorganizedIt's no use asking her to do anything - she's completely disorganized.One aspect of disorganized capitalism is pressure against general welfare expenditures for those not directly engaged in productive work.For now we can proceed in terms of dealing with a fundamental social order which can be usefully described as disorganized capitalism.I'm sorry I'm so disorganized - I just haven't had time to get everything ready.She was one totally disorganized lady.Inside the gulf of Pagasai, the disorganized Persian armament was sorting itself out and re-numbering.In this low undergrowth their disorganized progress and uneven, differing rhythms of movement delayed them still more than in the wood.They cut a swathe through the massed black-clad warriors, and then turning swiftly trampled back over their disorganized ranks.a totally disorganized rescue effortHer files were completely disorganized - she could never find anything she wanted.She gave a long disorganized speech that left everyone confused.Graham's far too disorganized to be a good teacher.
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