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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisparatedis‧pa‧rate /ˈdɪspərət/ adjective formal  DIFFERENTconsisting of things or people that are very different and not related to each other a meeting covering many disparate subjects the difficulties of dealing with disparate groups of people
Examples from the Corpus
disparateSuch disparate allegiances are more likely to agree on what they oppose than in what they support.Furthermore, the differences become even more disparate as the complexity of the vocabulary and sentences increase.Others may follow, especially those with disparate businesses and a lagging stock price that management is under pressure to raise.The Orphic materials were also concerned to give a reason for which these two disparate features of human beings were combined.Many disparate forms of information can be linked together in the database.In the down-sizing 1990s, this essentially means providing the glue that will make disparate mainframe, client-server and network systems co-function.Farideh Cadot offers us the penetrating lyrical vision of the late Daniel Tremblay, who worked with a range of disparate materials.The disparate movements of protest were for a moment united in massive resistance.
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