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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisparitydi‧spar‧i‧ty /dɪˈspærəti/ ●○○ noun (plural disparities) [countable, uncountable] formal  DIFFERENTa difference between two or more things, especially an unfair oneparitydisparity in/between a disparity between the rates of pay for men and women
Examples from the Corpus
disparityWe may call this a disparity of structure, as opposed to Bach's, which could be termed a referential disparity.The economic disparity between the area's black and white citizens is a serious problem.This is not surprising, for there is little reason for disparity.It is a method that assures perpetuation of disparities in power and of inequities in every form of day-to-day existence.It is not easy to explain the disparity that still exists between the salaries of men and women.Other figures filed Friday were also interesting because of the disparity between player and team.the disparity in wealth between the highest and the lowest employeesThe disparities in the rates of unemployment between socio-economic groups widen during periods of high unemployment.These disparities are matters of concern.At present, wide disparities remain among different network operators in terms of both efficiency and pricing.The net impact of the cuts, they conclude, has been to widen disparities in economic well-being.disparity in/betweenWe are still seeing a disparity between men's and women's salaries.Past experiences affect how comfortable people are with differences and disparities in their marriage.I was shocked to find that such blatant disparity in benefits still existed.There also developed considerable disparities in wealth and status within the peasantry itself.This is only fair, because the existing disparity between the sexes goes againstthe equality guaranteed by the constitution.Given present quantitative disparities between East and West, incremental performance improvements do provide something to worry about.Blacks responded with fresh statistics showing huge racial disparities in wealth.The disparity between solar noon and mean noon widens and narrows as the seasons change, on a sliding scale.The net impact of the cuts, they conclude, has been to widen disparities in economic well-being.
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