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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdispassionatedis‧pas‧sion‧ate /dɪsˈpæʃənət/ adjective  EMOTIONALnot influenced by personal emotions and therefore able to make fair decisions syn impartial a dispassionate view of the situationdispassionately adverb
Examples from the Corpus
dispassionateTheir treatment of religion shows no dispassionate analysis, but a virulent contempt which can only be termed prejudice.Weber's report provides a dispassionate analysis of the conflict.The blue eyes searched her face with a dispassionate curiousity.How could the authorities treat children in this heartless and dispassionate manner?This complex and imperfect achievement did not result automatically or easily from dispassionate moral or factual analysis.The evidence against him appears to be, even to a dispassionate observer, compelling if not devastating.It could be twee, but as we jump from image to image a dispassionate view of the world emerges.Finally, the engineer's dispassionate voice came through.
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