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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdispensabledi‧spen‧sa‧ble /dɪˈspensəbəl/ adjective  NEEDnot necessary or important and so easy to get rid of opp indispensable Part-time workers are considered dispensable.
Examples from the Corpus
dispensableAs it happens, explicit truth claims are not entirely dispensable.But neither do such concepts reduce to the corresponding predicates, nor indeed are such predicates entirely dispensable.Even the District Secretary was not averse to reminding his tutor-organisers that they were dispensable.Literature, being a form of art, unlike language, is dispensable.Even dessert was dispensable, although a choice of liqueurs was on the sideboard.He was depressed that this absolutely dispensable element of the culture of his origin had followed them to the United States.Part-time workers are considered dispensable in times of recession.Tenure was necessary on the main campus, he said, but dispensable on the new Arizona International Campus.
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