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dispensarydi‧spen‧sa‧ry /dɪˈspensəri/ noun (plural dispensaries) [countable]  MDa place where medicines are prepared and given out, especially in a hospital pharmacy
Examples from the Corpus
dispensaryIt runs five hospitals and 27 dispensaries with a total of 2,500 beds.It was not long before several families from Titagarh began making weekly visits to the mobile dispensary.At first they assisted with the mobile dispensaries.Other Volunteers carried out projects in hospitals or rural dispensaries.One small, elegant granite-faced structure, formerly the headquarters of a respected brokerage, had been turned into a soda dispensary.Through the glass partition they would see the pharmacologist busy in the dispensary.Board President Mike Nevin supports the use of medical marijuana but goes even further than backing its distribution through dispensaries.
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