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dispenserdi‧spens‧er /dɪˈspensə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TBBTa machine which provides a particular amount of a product or substance when you press a button or put money into it a paper towel dispenser cash dispenser
Examples from the Corpus
dispenserThe crew will get up to 90 servings from a dispenser set up like a soda fountain at a convenience store.Other problems included lack of toilet paper and dispensers and inadequate hand-drying facilities.a candy dispenserShe's yet to grasp the difference between a cigarette dispenser and a gaming machine.What's more it is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin, thanks to our ozone-friendly dispenser.They are vital for cleaning machinery tubes and spouts from vending machines and milk shake dispensers to full blown process machinery.The smaller dispensers are called swan-necks and the larger, with domed heads, are called, mushroom dispensers.a soap dispenserI suppose there may even be tampon dispensers at the ready.Accuracy and consistency, largely a facet of pump design, are the key requirements for these dispensers.
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