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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdispiriteddi‧spir‧ited /dɪˈspɪrɪtɪd/ adjective  HOPEsomeone who is dispirited does not feel as hopeful, eager, or interested in something as they were in the past syn discouraged At last, dispirited and weary, they gave up the search.dispiritedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
dispiritedKirkpatrick identifies the need to change existing institutions as being vital in helping the poor, the disadvantaged and the dispirited.Older people can quickly become dispirited and depressed by chronic illness.He returned to Vienna a broken and dispirited man, according to Williams.Pernkopf returned to Vienna a broken and dispirited man.This results in dispirited performances, sometimes marred by feigned injuries.Both pieces deserve much better, though their strength shines through even this dispirited sight-reading.The passengers made a dispirited trio as they approached Dunbar Castle.Then Alvin endured a long, dispirited wait for a flight back to New York late that night.
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