1 noun
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di‧splay1 W2 [countable]


AV an arrangement of things for people to look at or buy
display of
a superb display of African masks
a dazzling display (=very good display) of flowers
The window display caught her eye.
display cases containing old photographs


AP a public performance of something that is intended to entertain people:
a fireworks display
display of
a display of juggling

on display

a) something that is on display is in a public place where people can look at it [= on show]:
Mapplethorpe's photographs were first put on display in New York.
be/go on display
One of the world's oldest cars has gone on display in Brighton today.
b) if a quality, feeling, or skill is on display, it is very clear and easy to notice:
The musical talent on display is extremely impressive.

display of affection/emotion/aggression etc

an occasion when someone clearly shows a particular feeling, attitude, or quality:
Unprovoked displays of aggression cannot be tolerated.

on equipment

TCTD a part of a piece of equipment that shows information, for example a computer screen:
This time the display flashed a red warning signal.

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