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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdispleaseddis‧pleased /dɪsˈpliːzd/ adjective formal  ANNOYannoyed or not satisfied opp pleased He looked extremely displeased.displeased with City officials are displeased with the lack of progress.displease verb [transitive]displeasing adjective
Examples from the Corpus
displeasedAn encouraging voice should always be used, except when you are displeased.The shareholders in Paris are displeased.Several readers were displeased about the photos that accompanied the story.Sarah seemed displeased but did not say anything to me.Bonner was displeased by Neeman's remarks.His wife on hearing of this is displeased, so to maintain matrimonial harmony, he sends a telex cancelling his order.Somewhat reluctantly, Charlotte handed over her daughter- and looked displeased when the baby fell asleep almost at once in Ruth's arms.Singer was displeased with Barbra Streisand's adaptation of his story "Yentl."
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