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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdispleasuredis‧plea‧sure /dɪsˈpleʒə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable] formal  ANNOYthe feeling of being annoyed or not satisfied with someone or something syn annoyancedispleasure at/with Their displeasure at being kept waiting was clear.incur somebody’s displeasure (=make someone displeased)
Examples from the Corpus
displeasureFor the next few days I made myself scarce, hoping that his displeasure was temporary.Who would dare incur our displeasure?Who would dare risk Miss Ellis's displeasure?Now he would have to face Gina's displeasure.They came from all over the country to show their displeasure.I can not bear your displeasure.displeasure at/withInfants show pleasure as sweetness is increased and displeasure with slightly salty, acidic, or bitter liquids.Might even have felt displeasure at the prospect.She glowered to show her displeasure at being scrutinized so closely.The 28-year-old striker was recently fined and transfer-listed by County boss Neil Warnock after showing his displeasure at being substituted.The King's displeasure with the two counties was marked by the order that all church bells be confiscated.When he shows up, they will hardly be able to contain their displeasure at his rudeness.The vote followed similar actions by municipalities and school boards across the country moving to show their displeasure at the U.S.Their displeasure at being summoned was more than apparent.
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