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dispositiondis‧po‧si‧tion /ˌdɪspəˈzɪʃən/ ●○○ noun formal  1 [countable usually singular]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY a particular type of character which makes someone likely to behave or react in a certain way syn temperamentof a nervous/sociable/sensitive etc disposition (=having a nervous etc character) The film is not suitable for people of a nervous disposition.have a cheerful/sunny etc disposition (=have a happy character)2 [singular]BEHAVE a tendency or willingness to behave in a particular way syn inclinationhave/show a disposition to do something Neither side shows the slightest disposition to compromise.disposition towards Most children have a disposition towards obedience.3 [countable usually singular]ARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLE the position or arrangement of something in a particular placedisposition of a map showing the disposition of American forces4 [uncountable] formal the way in which something is dealt with or useddisposition of A solicitor advised him as to the disposition of the money.5 [countable, uncountable]SCL law the act of formally giving property to someone the disposition of assets on death
Examples from the Corpus
dispositionIt also works to create a disposition of self-confidence and thus to keep gates open to new possibilities.Her cheerful disposition, sympathy, and tact made her popular.But such rectitude could only come when the inner disposition was right.But Thieu Tri had chosen him as heir because of his mild disposition, and visitors to his court confirmed his moderation.This sense of order is a given, fundamental, rather than negotiated, disposition.The precise disposition, organisation and arrangement of these two discourses constitutes the basic fabric of Nizan's fictional technique.This is not a film for those in search of easy entertainment or simple dispositions of good and evil.Once the private car and Tokimo were put solely at the disposition of Amy, Amelia, and Muriel.of a nervous/sociable/sensitive etc dispositionShe was of a nervous disposition, Miss Kilspindie.disposition ofThere are questions about the disposition of thousands of American troops in Germany.The disposition of an individual's estate need not be a difficult thing.
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