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dis‧po‧si‧tion formal
1 [countable usually singular] a particular type of character which makes someone likely to behave or react in a certain way [= temperament]
of a nervous/sociable/sensitive etc disposition (=having a nervous etc character)
The film is not suitable for people of a nervous disposition.
have a cheerful/sunny etc disposition (=have a happy character)
2 [singular] a tendency or willingness to behave in a particular way [= inclination]
have/show a disposition to do something
Neither side shows the slightest disposition to compromise.
disposition towards
Most children have a disposition towards obedience.
3 [countable usually singular] the position or arrangement of something in a particular place
disposition of
a map showing the disposition of American forces
4 [uncountable] formal the way in which something is dealt with or used
disposition of
A solicitor advised him as to the disposition of the money.
5 [uncountable and countable]SCL law the act of formally giving property to someone:
the disposition of assets on death

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