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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisquietdis‧qui‧et /dɪsˈkwaɪət/ noun [uncountable] formal  WORRIEDanxiety or unhappiness about something syn uneasinessdisquiet over/about/at public disquiet over deaths in police custodydisquiet among His appointment caused disquiet among members.express/voice your disquiet The union has voiced its disquiet about the way the protest was handled.
Examples from the Corpus
disquietAnd those who were immune to such uneasiness had another reason for disquiet.We shall find reason for disquiet about this argument.But there is no doubt that some of these ideas are causing great disquiet among Branch Management and Staff.Hypnotherapy can also help relieve profound feelings of disquiet or anxiety.He smiled widely and held out a hand, but the way he looked Maxim over gave him a little pang of disquiet.People felt a growing sense of disquiet over levels of crime in the neighborhood.The London Government, sensitive to the disquiet, hastily granted a general pardon, but Cornwall was out for blood.It is important to frame this disquiet in the correct context.express/voice your disquietEven Moscow's lower orders, it seemed, were beginning to voice their disquiet.
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