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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisquietingdis‧qui‧et‧ing /dɪsˈkwaɪətɪŋ/ adjective formal  causing anxiety He found Jean’s manner disquieting.
Examples from the Corpus
disquietingHadn't he shown a rather disquieting interest in all the details of the demolished cottage?Mark, too, after the slightly disquieting observations about Roman Catholic priests, seemed to have removed himself from her.That was the reason for her disquieting responses to the beautiful gifts and the disturbing change in her.He smiles a hello, but his eyes only touch mine briefly, a disquieting sign.Fact, in this instance, is far stranger and more profoundly disquieting than anything in the annals of fiction.But there came the disquieting thought that my opinion didn't matter.But tonight even that shameful memory was replaced by more recent and more disquieting visions.
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