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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisrepairdis‧re‧pair /ˌdɪsrɪˈpeə $ -ˈper/ noun [uncountable]  TTRTBbuildings, roads etc that are in disrepair are in bad condition because they have not been cared for buildings allowed to fall into disrepair The castle is in a state of disrepair.
Examples from the Corpus
disrepairHalf of its vehicles were in disrepair without replacement parts.Many of the apartment buildings fell into disrepair from the 1950s on, some so badly that the city demolished them.But it fell into disrepair earlier this century when the water dried up.There was no evidence, however, that older material was necessarily in a greater state of disrepair than more modern publications.I do not know which was the one whose state of disrepair forced the closure.It loomed over the Angara River like a great rectangular tombstone, moldering toward oblivion in stunning disrepair.She had heard enough from the Julians to recognise in the disrepair something of the troubles of the Dersinghams.in a state of disrepairOur nation's schools are in a sorry state of disrepair.Most of them were in states of disrepair.
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