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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisreputabledis‧rep‧u‧ta‧ble /dɪsˈrepjətəbəl/ adjective  DISHONESTconsidered to be dishonest, bad, illegal etc opp reputable disreputable behavior a disreputable neighbourhood
Examples from the Corpus
disreputableThey made an odd pair, she bony and remote, he heavy, grubby and vaguely disreputable.He had been a leather merchant and a tanner, and had been involved in some disreputable affair.Strolling back to the station I saw a man and woman leaving a disreputable hotel.He also had an inclination to attach himself, whether as ally or enemy, to dangerous and disreputable people.Maybe they too are rational rather than irrational, morally disreputable rather than organically abnormal, overwhelmed by adversity rather than by wickedness.Jack usually got his information from fairly disreputable sources.
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