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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdissatisfactiondis‧sat‧is‧fac‧tion /dɪˌsætəsˈfækʃən, dɪsˌsæ-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  SATISFIEDa feeling of not being satisfied opp satisfactiondissatisfaction with 30% of customers expressed dissatisfaction with the service.
Examples from the Corpus
dissatisfactionAt first my growing dissatisfaction manifested itself in rather unproductive activity.Years of discussion with him would help me to express my own growing dissatisfaction.There was growing dissatisfaction with the Church and in particular with the way it was developing in the late twelfth century.However, poverty levels among land reform beneficiaries remain high, as do the levels of dissatisfaction that they express.In addition to resistance, you will find a mixture of dissatisfaction, disappointment, and of course, unhappiness.They have, almost as a birthright, a restless dissatisfaction with the status quo.The gardener they had taken on also came in for her unspoken dissatisfaction.expressed dissatisfactionHowever, many critics of the 1960s and 19705 also expressed dissatisfaction with the ideas and technology of society at that time.To the best of my recollection I mentioned their existence as soon as you had expressed dissatisfaction with Northumberland Avenue.
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