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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdissimilardis‧sim‧i‧lar /dɪˈsɪmələ, dɪsˈsɪ- $ -ər/ AWL adjective  SAMEnot the same opp similardissimilar to Madonna’s career is not dissimilar to (=is quite similar to) Cher’s.see thesaurus at differentdissimilarity /dɪˌsɪməˈlærəti, dɪsˌsɪ-/ noun [countable, uncountable] dissimilarities between the US and Britain
Examples from the Corpus
dissimilarThey realized the advantages of working together, particularly because their temperatures were so dissimilar.Marriage with close kin is generally forbidden in most societies and so, commonly, is marriage with people of dissimilar culture.It is hard to imagine two ethnically identical and adjoining societies so dissimilar in style and philosophy.The hull contained a mass of dissimilar metals: steel, cast and malleable iron, brass. bronze and lead.Johnson held a not dissimilar reciprocal opinion, comparing Monboddo to another of his own bugbears, Rousseau.There's a similar sense of humour and a dissimilar sense of space.The organic matter is extremely old and quite dissimilar to biological material.not dissimilar toMadonna's career is not dissimilar to Cher's.Although the programmes devised in the late 1980s were not dissimilar to earlier statements, there were some variations in emphasis.Several countries have legal systems which are not dissimilar to our own.It often seems that her role was not dissimilar to that of John the Baptist.The issue is not dissimilar to the general question of identifying what assets are included in the sale and what are excluded.They would in fact be applying a test for review not dissimilar to the one about to be examined. 2.The media for political socialization in Britain are not dissimilar to those in the United States and many other polities.One thousand years ago the Mayans were cranking out codices not dissimilar to today's illustrations.His achievement in Cleveland was not dissimilar to yours in Berlin and Mravinsky's in Leningrad?
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