Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: dissolvere, from solvere 'to loosen'


Related topics: Food, Chemistry, Parliaments

become part of liquid

[intransitive and transitive]HCDF if a solid dissolves, or if you dissolve it, it mixes with a liquid and becomes part of it:
Stir until the sugar dissolves.
dissolve in
Sugar dissolves in water.
dissolve something in something
Dissolve the tablet in water.


[transitive]PGP to formally end a parliament, business arrangement, marriage etc:
The monarch had the power to dissolve parliament.


dissolve into/in laughter/tears etc

to start laughing or crying:
She dissolved into fits of laughter.

become weaker

[intransitive and transitive] to gradually become smaller or weaker before disappearing, or to make something do this:
Her enthusiasm dissolved his shyness.
A few clouds formed briefly before dissolving again.

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