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distance yourself (from something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistance yourself (from something)distance yourself (from something)CONNECTED WITHto say that you are not involved with someone or something, especially to avoid being connected with them The UNO has firmly distanced itself from the anti-government movement. distance
Examples from the Corpus
distance yourself (from something)For that reason, abstract art has been anxious to distance itself from decoration.But she could not distance herself from her friend's tragedy.He no longer confides in he, as he did in the letter at the beginning, but distances himself from her.They did so, and he began progressively to distance himself from his mentor.Don't try distancing yourself from me by calling me Mr Calder.It is another for the Prime Minister to distance herself from the policies of the government of which she is head.He also chose to distance himself geographically.Or should it be able, despite being owned by the State, to distance itself somewhat from political authority?
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