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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistastefuldis‧taste‧ful /dɪsˈteɪstfəl/ adjective  UNPLEASANTunpleasant or morally offensive What follows is John’s story. Parts of it may seem distasteful, even shocking.
Examples from the Corpus
distastefulFirst list all the working conditions that you have found or would find distasteful.Likewise, children are sometimes assigned schoolwork they find distasteful.Many Christians today would find such a theory totally distasteful.What types of people would be distasteful for you to work with?The idea of bossing anybody around was as alien to him as it was distasteful in his mind.Most cats, however, continue to find it distasteful long after the human occupants of the rooms have forgotten about it.This is not simple mimicry, which would only entail being the same bright colour as a distasteful species.This feature of quantum mechanics proved very distasteful to some of the very men who had helped to create the subject.
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