Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: distinctus, past participle of distinguere; DISTINGUISH


dis‧tinct W3
1 clearly different or belonging to a different type:
two entirely distinct languages
distinct types/groups/categories etc
There are four distinct types.
distinct from
The learning needs of the two groups are quite distinct from each other.

as distinct from something

used to make it clear that you are not referring to a particular kind of thing, but to something else:
a movie star, as distinct from an actor
3 something that is distinct can clearly be seen, heard, smelled etc:
The outline of the ship became more distinct.
4 [only before noun] a distinct possibility, feeling, quality etc definitely exists and cannot be ignored:
I got the distinct impression he was trying to make me angry.
There is a distinct possibility that this will eventually be needed.
a distinct lack of enthusiasm

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