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distinguish yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistinguish yourselfdistinguish yourselfDO WELLto do something so well that people notice and remember you He distinguished himself on several occasions in the civil war. distinguish
Examples from the Corpus
distinguish yourselfLook, we were just kids, who like all kids want to distinguish ourselves from our parents.Eastwood distinguished himself as an actor before becoming a director.Bradley has distinguished himself as the top scorer on the team.He distinguished himself as third-string quarterback for the football team.During the battle five Troll Slayers distinguished themselves by attacking and destroying three Trolls which were perilously close to crushing Duregar himself.Tim distinguished himself for eleven years in Miami, including the history-making 1972 undefeated season that climaxed in the 1973 Super Bowl.She has been unable to effectively distinguish herself from other objects on a sensorimotor level.The Conservatives under John Major tried to distinguish themselves from their Thatcherite past by stressing a commitment to quality public services.He was clever, but disinclined to distinguish himself in study, athletic but lazy, honest but argumentative.Perhaps Hincmar's silence here was tactful, since Charles the Bald's sons had not distinguished themselves in the traditional roles.After joining the newspaper, she quickly distinguished herself with a series of hard-hitting exposés.
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