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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistinguishabledis‧tin‧guish‧a‧ble /dɪˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəbəl/ adjective  easy to recognize as being different from something else opp indistinguishabledistinguishable from The fake was barely distinguishable from the original painting.barely/hardly/scarcely distinguishableclearly/easily/readily distinguishable The cheese is easily distinguishable by its colour.
Examples from the Corpus
distinguishableExcellent schools and classrooms are clearly distinguishable by the spirit of community that pervades all they do.On the face of it, this criticism carries the day against any rule utilitarianism which is genuinely distinguishable from act utilitarianism.Is man in any absolute way distinguishable from animals?Immature distinguishable from other immature skuas by small size, smaller bill and much less white in wings.There is a rare form of lung cancer, distinguishable from the usual type only under the microscope.By December the quasar should be distinguishable in the night sky.Patients went through three overlapping, distinguishable stages as they learned to assimilate and adjust to the catastrophic effects of their illness.clearly/easily/readily distinguishableAlready the principal physical features of the future human king are clearly distinguishable.They live in their own tribes and have their own ways of fighting which make them easily distinguishable.Type sizes should also be restricted with text, heading and caption sizes being easily distinguishable.The mounds are clearly distinguishable and surrounded by the remains of a moat which still retains water.Excellent schools and classrooms are clearly distinguishable by the spirit of community that pervades all they do.Hence, that case is clearly distinguishable from the case before me, where the liability of the assignee has been discharged.The gentlemen, presumably Dersinghams, were easily distinguishable from the village players.
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