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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistraughtdis‧traught /dɪˈstrɔːt $ -ˈstrɒːt/ adjective  UPSETso upset and worried that you cannot think clearly Relatives are tonight comforting the distraught parents.see thesaurus at sad
Examples from the Corpus
distraughtHis father, who lives in Basildon, is said to be distraught.We were all distraught about the accident, but Mama was the most upset.Totally distraught, Amy told her parents.A lot of men are distraught at not being able to give birth and there's little to be done about that.He could see that I was distraught, but he still kept asking me questions.Her distraught family were given the bombshell news yesterday as the model lapsed in and out of horrific hallucinations.A policewoman was trying to calm the boy's distraught mother.The androids had pulled the shaking and distraught officer from the wreck of the room and taken him directly to their controller.Benson was so distraught over the breakup of his marriage that he committed suicide.The distraught parents of the missing baby have made a public appeal for her return.Casey was totally distraught that they were throwing him out of school.Mrs Drummond was distraught when she realised Isabelle's condition.
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