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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistresseddis‧tressed /dɪˈstrest/ ●○○ adjective  1 UPSETvery upsetdeeply/visibly distressed Hannah was deeply distressed by the news.distressed at/by My client is very distressed at the treatment she received from your officers.distressed to find/hear/see/learn etc something She was distressed to see he was crying.see thesaurus at sad2 PAIN technical in a lot of pain The animal was clearly distressed.3 distressed furniture or clothes have been made to look older than they really are4 formalPOOR having very little money a family living in distressed circumstances
Examples from the Corpus
distressedThe grandees of sport and theatre are distressed.Nelson's supporters were distressed about his use of racial slurs.Naturally, his lordship was greatly distressed and immediately made plans to dispatch funds and commiserations to Frau Bremann.This resulted in his becoming more distressed and unable to cope with either his work or looking after himself at home.When she arrived at the hospital she was distressed, but not unkempt.Everyone in the office was distressed by Maggie's unexpected death.It is difficult to remain calm and objective when one's own child is distressed, even if only through bad temper.These she carries to and from school daily in a distressed plastic bag and uses continually.distressed real estateThe airport was full of distressed relatives waiting for news of the crash.He said his wife left the house in a very distressed state.I was crying all the time, and my mother was distressed that she could do nothing to comfort me.We were all distressed to hear that Stuart had been attacked the night before.She was deeply distressed to see the animal in so much pain.The chief problem in distressed urban communities is unemployment.Herman becomes distressed when anyone asks him about the accident.distressed to find/hear/see/learn etc somethingAs they talked together, I was distressed to hear them recounting episodes of racial strife that they had seen.Dear Miss Connor, I was most distressed to hear of your fall.He found Carrie seated by the bedside, but was distressed to find that Anna would not talk to him.I would be distressed to hear of any ladies reading it, let alone a girl of your tender years and experience.On arrival, she was distressed to find only Jock Hallett working on some papers.Sir George Young I am distressed to hear of the problems facing owner-occupiers in the area referred to by my hon. Friend.
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