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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistressingdis‧tress‧ing /dɪˈstresɪŋ/ (also distressful /dɪˈstresfəl/) adjective  UPSETmaking you feel very upset a distressing experiencedistressingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
distressingThe front page news was shocking and distressing.We know, for instance, that dyspnoea is distressing and often poorly controlled.Because such potentially distressing events are predictable, but unavoidable, they are an ideal focus for an investigation of coping behaviours.Bewildering and distressing is a fitting description of the many symptoms which can accompany the menopause.Terry hated having to make these tapes and we knew how distressing it was for him.That final dependence may be experienced as distressing or peaceful, but it is not socially problematic.Being in a strange city with no money was an extremely distressing situation.PAIN-KILLERS should be made available to control any distressing symptoms, despite the fact that such treatment may shorten life.If, after removing temptation, you find it too distressing, then admit that you have a problem and need help.It is very distressing to find out at a later date that you have made a mistake which can cost you dearly.
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