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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisturbeddis‧turbed /dɪˈstɜːbd $ -ɜːrbd/ adjective  1 UPSETnot behaving normally because of a mental conditionmentally/emotionally disturbed the care of emotionally disturbed children while the balance of his mind was disturbed2 worried or upsetdisturbed by/about/at Police are very disturbed about the latest trend.seriously/deeply/greatly etc disturbeddisturbed to find/see/discover/learn etc She was disturbed to learn he had bought a motorbike.disturbed that I’m disturbed that so many of the students appear to be illiterate.3 disturbed sleep
Examples from the Corpus
disturbedThe defendant is mentally and emotionally disturbed.The hamster appears lifeless if disturbed, but returns to normal in about five minutes.Heterosexuality can be more or less narcissistic, it can be very disturbed or not so.I never realised there were so many disturbed people around.The reason given by the king was the disturbed state of the kingdom which prevented his attending to ecclesiastical business.The starlings were disturbed, swirling around in S-shapes and parabolas and unexpected clusters.disturbed childrenPorter, a woman of integrity, now on her fourth marriage and deeply fond of both her disturbed children.The isolation or bunching together of such pupils only provides them with poor role models and intensive interaction with other disturbed children.This group of disturbed children also had a greater persistence of bedwetting.It is sad that, as far as disturbed children are concerned, it is also becoming one of the most dangerous.Some 10,000 seriously emotionally disturbed children under age 18 receive behavioral health services.The report said that disturbed children were more than twice as likely to become smokers as other youngsters.disturbed thatWe are disturbed that audiometry is regarded as unrealistic.For years, nothing disturbed that conviction as the villagers accepted him and he became one of them.His parents are disturbed that he's dating a much older woman.Am disturbed that Marvin should take his side.Not a flicker of a smile disturbed that noble face, nor even an acknowledgement that he had heard.So why am I disturbed that Temple University decided last month to cancel a series of public radio commentaries by Abu-Jamal?
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