Language: Old English
Origin: dufan 'to sink' and dyfan 'to put into liquid'


1 verb
Related topics: Swimming, Birds, Air
dive1 past tense dived also dove AmE, past participle dived [intransitive]

jump into water

DSS to jump into deep water with your head and arms going in first
dive into/off etc
She dived into a pool.
Diving off the cliffs is dangerous.

swim under water

DSS to swim under water using special equipment to help you breathe:
The first time you dive on a coral reef is an experience you will never forget.

go deeper/lower

TTAHBB to travel down through the air or through water to a lower level:
The submarine began to dive.
The aircraft appeared to dive vertically towards the crowd.

move quickly

[always + adverb/preposition] to move or jump quickly in a particular direction or into a particular place:
Jackson dived after the ball.
We dived into a shop to avoid the rain.
The soldiers were diving for cover (=to protect themselves behind something).

dive into your bag/pocket etc

to put your hand quickly in your bag, pocket etc in order to get something out:
He dived into his pocket and produced a packet of cigarettes.


if numbers, prices etc dive, they suddenly become much lower than before:
The dollar dived against the yen in Tokyo today.

dive in

phrasal verb
to start doing something eagerly:
Harvey dived in with several questions.

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