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divingdiv‧ing /ˈdaɪvɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  1 DSSthe sport of swimming under water using special equipment to help you breathe We went diving on the coral reef.2 DSSthe activity of jumping into water with your head and arms first scuba diving
Examples from the Corpus
divinga diving competitionIt was such a laugh, so many theatricals all diving into the buffet.Some doctors advise against riding and diving.A week before I was there, storms lashed the coastline - diving would have been miserable, even if possible.All deep diving beyond 50 metres requires a schedule six diving bell which can carry two or three divers.I feel, even now, there is too much prejudice and politics in diving.It's about time that most of these types were out of diving.All watersports, with the exception of scuba diving and deep sea fishing are complimentary to guests of the hotel.Once in the water the diving followed a tortuous corkscrewing route reaching a maximum depth of 34.5 metres.went divingThey went diving in the Florida Keys on their vacation.
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