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divinitydi‧vin‧i‧ty /dəˈvɪnəti/ noun (plural divinities)  1 [uncountable] American EnglishRR the study of God and religious beliefs syn theology British English a graduate of Harvard divinity school2 [uncountable]RR the quality or state of being a god3 [countable] a goddivine
Examples from the Corpus
divinityNeith: goddess of Sais and a divinity of warfare, with her early symbols of a bow and arrows and shield.It was the breath of a divinity.In Ireland, Macha and Mabd are equivalent to Epona as protectors of horses and chthonic divinities.After 1946, the Emperor no longer claimed divinity.Under the 1643 ordinance to control printing, Bachilor was appointed one of the twelve divines empowered to license books of divinity.a Master of Divinity degreeThe search for the seat of divinity in man and nature is only a prelude to the aspiration for transcendence.His power was greater than that of all the other divinities together.The eternal, overarching divinity whom Graves' favorite goddess personified has gone by many names.This is, of course, precisely the divinity with which Napoleon teased Laplace.
Divinity, thethe DivinityDivinity, the  God
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