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divisibledi‧vis‧i‧ble /dəˈvɪzəbəl/ adjective [not before noun]  HMNable to be divided, for example by a number opp indivisibledivisible by 6 is divisible by 3.divisible into The story is divisible into three parts.
Examples from the Corpus
divisibleActually, Guardian letters are divisible.A prime number is a number that is not exactly divisible by any other number.He preferred to do things in threes because he favored numbers divisible by three.It applied the methods of Kent campus to imaginary grievances in a divided, or divisible, community in Northern Ireland.The reason I ran was divisible in at least two parts.These goods are divisible in that they come in units small enough to be afforded by individual buyers.The central nervous system is divisible into the brain or cerebral ganglion, the suboesophageal ganglion and the ventral nerve-cord. 1.After examining such evidence, the Oregon court agreed with the teacher that the contract was not divisible into two parts.divisible by15 is divisible by 3.
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