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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdizzyingdiz‧zy‧ing /ˈdizi-ɪŋ/ adjective  making you feel dizzy The riverbank rushed towards her with dizzying speed.
Examples from the Corpus
dizzyingAs it exits Waipio the circuit climbs a dizzying 1,200 feet in less than a mile and offers sweeping vistas.The view from Cyril's restaurant is dizzying.The experts can handle complex 4-line stunt kites, capable of a dizzying array of party tricks.I was introduced to all the staff and all the patients in a dizzying blur and answered question after question about Zephyr.And it's not just the dizzying development and the smell of money that pervades the downtown area.The dizzying heights and plummeting depths of the volcanic mountains have their social parallels in this deeply divided country.Voters will choose from a dizzying number of parties.In practice history is being created this moment at a dizzying pace.He had decided, as advised, to plead guilty and proceedings had moved with dizzying speed.And she was well past the point at which she might have stopped her headlong dive into that dizzying state.
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