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do better

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo betterdo betterBETTERto perform better or reach a higher standard We did better than all the other schools. better
Examples from the Corpus
do betterThe British champion has completed the course in three minutes -- let's see if his Canadian rival can do better.Alamaro and Patrick think they can do better.Surely we can do better for people with mental problems and their families?I was convinced that many of the students could have done better if they'd tried.Some roses do better in different types of soil.Incumbents who vote against new regulations, paperwork and taxes -- usually conservatives -- do better on the scorecard.Harris argued that the economy is doing better than it was five years ago.If you are saving 5 percent of your income each year, you're doing better than most people.Some may do better than our scenario represents.We need to do better than that, and we can.We can do better than that now.The index did better than the broader market.We did better than we expected.Mark ran the distance in 30 minutes in the fall, but we're hoping he'll do better this season.It leads to a lethargy I think we do better without.
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