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do fine

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo finedo finespoken a) GOOD ENOUGHto be satisfactory or acceptable ‘Something very light, ’ he ordered. ‘An omelette will do fine.’ b) SATISFIEDto do something well or in a satisfactory way Don’t worry, you’re doing fine. Keep at it. c) to be healthy and well ‘How’s your husband?’ ‘He’s doing fine, thank you.’ fine
Examples from the Corpus
do fineAnd if the place is allowed to manage itself, it will do fine.As will be seen, their picks did fine.Standard hooks and nails should do just fine for hanging the painting.Savoys do fine in hot weather if given some shade.Once Hutton relaxes, he should do fine in the role.I have done a bit myself, but possess neither the ability nor the patience to do fine work.
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