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do justice to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo justice to somebody/somethingdo justice to somebody/something (also do somebody/something justice)SHOW/BE A SIGN OF to treat or represent someone or something good, beautiful etc in a way that is as good as they deserve The photo doesn’t do her justice. No words can do justice to the experience. justice
Examples from the Corpus
do justice to somebody/somethingTV doesn't do the excitement of the game justice.How ethical theory might do justice to both these points remains to be seen. 9.This brief note can not do justice to all the facts and arguments involved.Many are drunks-but that term does not do justice to the devastation they embody.A reading that cancels out the contradictory and equally valid meanings the text yields does not do justice to its complexity.No way at all that a few hundred words are going to do justice to this deeply affecting novel.It is virtually impossible to do justice to a book of this size in such a short review.To do otherwise, I would require to write in volume in order to do justice to them.At times only swear words can truly do justice to an emotion.
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