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do something at your peril

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo something at your perildo something at your perilDANGEROUSused to say that what someone is intending to do is dangerous or could cause them problems Politicians ignore this issue at their peril. peril
Examples from the Corpus
do something at your perilThese are grave environmental warnings, which we ignore at our peril.He spoke with the sort of quietly threatening tone that you ignored at your peril.Into this potent politicization of what remained, at heart, a medical mystery, scientists ventured at their peril.Kings neglected the sea at their peril.Mess with us at your peril.More than a million fled abroad, often at their peril.Some people say that lurking in its depths is a fish so dangerous that oarsmen venture out at their peril.Yet it is also one of the most popular programs, and politicians have made changes to it at their peril.Those who cross him do so at their peril.
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