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do something in anticipation of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo something in anticipation of somethingdo something in anticipation of somethingto do something because you expect something to happen The workers have called off their strike in anticipation of a pay offer. anticipation
Examples from the Corpus
do something in anticipation of somethingExcitement rose in them, hardening muscles and quivering their sleek flanks in anticipation of the hunt.For weeks, Schwarzenegger has been meeting with other agencies, including William Morris, in anticipation of changing representation.Nothing looked familiar, and yet he'd gone around the block again and again in anticipation of something like this.Prime Minister Alberto Pandolfi said that police were securing the area in anticipation of eventual talks between the government and the rebels.She waited outside in the street, shaking in anticipation of the telephone call.The Chalice Quilt was made by slaves on a Texas plantation in 1860 in anticipation of a visit from an itinerant bishop.The house gives the impression of having been abandoned suddenly, in anticipation of some great disaster.The management at South Forks raised the rent in anticipation of downtown businesses relocating.
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