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do something in favour of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo something in favour of somethingdo something in favour of somethingif you decide not to use one thing in favour of another, you choose the other one because you think it is better Plans for a tunnel were rejected in favour of a bridge. favour
Examples from the Corpus
do something in favour of somethingBooks were published in reply and arguments advanced in favour of young women.He wasn't in favour of command-and-control solutions.On the economic front Taubira-Delannon was in favour of restricting the areas where gold-washing is authorised.That probably explains why public opinion is broadly in favour of euthanasia, or at least certain forms of it.The courts decided in favour of the men.The finance minister, Hans Eichel, then came out in favour of the euro's potential for appreciation.The following Sunday I took my husband into hospital to be relieved of a bony hip in favour of a titanium one.Whilst I am still in favour of a mutual fund, I think the current risk banding is rubbish.
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